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Disclaimer: The resources are arranged per thematic sections to facilitate the consultation. However, we are aware of the intersections and overlaps thereof. We are also aware that pre-identifying categories of vulnerable people in data processing is not possible, vulnerability being a largely contextual and elusive concept. We are not claiming to be exhaustive, but to initiate a discussion.

Do you have any suggestions as to how improve the repository? Have you come across any resource that should be included in the repository? Contact us.


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- Data Protection Authorities' Guidance

- Laws

- Case Law

European Court of Human Rights

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4 Octubre 2022. La AEPD y Mujeres en el Sector Público firman un protocolo para potenciar la presencia de la mujer en el entorno tecnológico. https://www.aepd.es/es/prensa-y-comunicacion/notas-de-prensa/aepd-y-mujeres-en-el-sector-publico-firman-protocolo 

- Others

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